Thursday, October 06, 2005


Well I finally made a Thursday night ride. It has been a long dry spell. Good to see the crew and so many friends I rarely see that often anymore. QZ was back in town from Cali. Neck and wrist are almost like new. Great to see him riding offroad so soon after his big get off. Jim M also made the ride. Hadn't seen him in long long while. He's turned into a Tri-guy I guess. At least he's not Bi. Thought Mod and Pancakes were going to make it but they were a no show. Nobody would blame Pancakes for a "daylight" reintro to dirt (maybe it was a smart choice). We hope to see you on the trails again soon. Of course we had the regulars, Shim, Andy, Rox, andDMeister who seem to keep the riding going week after week.

Remember next week is the big "Ride and Chow" at Roxz.


MOD said...

Man, looked like a beautiful evening. Nice pic. And people wonder if I like living in Omaha! Looks purdy good to me! Got off late and we were a bit over optimistic with Pancakes wrist/collarbone duo. She is riding the field club though.

After last nights freeze it should be perfect for Sunday. I might try to get out there around 11am to get a lap in before we set up. Any of you Stincoln kidz coming up for some loggin for your noggin? You could Dual it and then keep coming to Manawa. Good times...

pcakes said...

Great pic! Sorry to not make it out. I REALLY wanted to be there, but I am not quite there yet. I was planning on riding the paved trails around Manawa, but alas, it was just a bit too much too soon.

Glad to hear GT is pretty much healed. It is weird how similar injuries aren't so similar! Would have liked to see him. It made me all nosaligic about fall/winter thurs. night rides.

Hope to ride with you all soon again!

roxz said...

No worries. We had fun bashing the you guys for flaking!

Yes, it was a great ride. Nothing like being in trees on a crispy night, next to the river.

GT was looking good. No log riding but he was eyeing them! I told him how happy we all were that all he has now is a good story to tell.

Looks like the weekend is going to be a beauty!