Thursday, October 06, 2005

One last goodbye

Dear Chiggers, Mosquitos, Ticks and Spiders,

On the eve of the first freeze, it is with sadness I write to you this final time. This will be your last chance to inject me with your poisonous bites. For tomorrow you'll be dead and I can once again ride through the trees care free at a liesurly pace. Knowing that if I flat I am safe from your clutches.

Goodbye you little Beeatches!

Your friend, MOD


samsam said...


3p0 said...

i was getting so close to getting west nile.


Josh said...

NOooo, I need those pesky little disease carrying bugs to infect more people. I need to find 1000 people with WNv (west nile)for one of our studys. So if any of you have any funky neurological issues give me a call, I want to get some DNA. AKA: "I want to suck your blood!"

samsam said...

CVO has nuerological issues, but I think it was from getting bit by stupid, not a mosquito.