Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Please help me date this photo!

Watch out looks like you have a couple of Honker Hanger boys knockin on your back door! I think this is from a race circa '95? Rockin the EFC! Bet you went right home and put in a new rebound dampner kit.


MOD said...

yep, '95. Looks like Quivira Scout Ranch maybe? Crazy to think that was a decade ago.

The frame, hubs, and nice blue bar ends are still in my parents attic.

ah, the good old days.

Chaybo said...

95' cottonmill is my guess. put my tongue back in place will ya ?

I believe that's coach Burke behind me. And yelling " Circles - NOT squares" !!! Sorry Burke...i've always been kinda square.


MOD said...

Ah, cottonmill, nice call. That is the coach back there. That was a fun course. We should take the Psycowpath back there for a weekend.

mg said...

cottonmill '95... yep. i remember those days.