Tuesday, October 04, 2005

We gots ourselves a horse race

The Mid-American Cross Cup got off to a flying start in Des Moines this weekend. Mister I ain't racing cross Jay Thomas was the top Nebraska finisher both days (2nd & 4th). Hit the link to read the story. The series looks to be gaining poplularity in the region which should make the Standing Bear race one to watch.

Speaking of Standing Bear, October 22-23, MACC races 3 & 4, the course is great the very spectator friendly, bring the kids, there's swings and jungle gyms. Open grass, fast pavement, off camber corners and twisty tree sections.


John Jr. said...

Nothing is confirmed or planned yet, but we were thinking of having the bike polo folks throw down at the park following the Sunday races...

3p0 said...

ohhh, i'd be down with that, drunken bike polo. after a race,

hope it works out.

mg said...

... so jay is in shape. i'm so surprised... :-}

looks like a good day will be the top-10 this season!

John Jr. said...

That's the thing about 'cross, MG...it changes from race-to-race. Standing Bear will offer different challenges than Pioneers and Branched Oak. The trick is to design a course that does not favor a roadie over an off-roader, but offers opportunities for both to put the hammer down. There are a lot of fast guys in Nebraska. The races are going to be INSANE!

Anonymous said...

It was a fun weekend of racing. Alergies are kicking my ass so I struggled through the weekend hope to get them under control in the week or so. The depth of the fields seems to be growing that is pretty cool. Off to the races.

Jay Thomas