Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Swanson Park

Swanson Park in Bellevue is one of the areas most popular trails. Built by local rider Steve Jarrett and maintained by our local IMBA club, Trails Have Our Respect (T.H.O.R), Swanson is a great spot to learn the ropes of off-road riding. The trail is very winding and twisting with gradual ups and downs. Soil tends to hold water more than other riding areas in the metro so always allow plenty of time after rain before riding.

How to get there: From highway 75 exit Cornhusker Rd. Swanson Park is located on the north side of Cornhusker Road between 25th St. and 36th St. in Bellevue NE. The entrance is well marked into the park,just look for the Bellevue Volunteer Fire Dept Training Facility entrance. Turn in and take your first left into the Swanson Park parking lot. Once you are ready to ride, follow the signs north into the woods where the trails start.

Autumn riding is always excellent.

After leaving the parking lot, the trail system begins when you reach the wooded area. Turn right into the singletrack to begin the loop.

The Swanson trail system is primarily flat and winding...

...but includes some gradual climbs and descents

True to form, you can find your share of log rides at Swanson as well!

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epete210 said...

This is a great trail. Good for beginners too - there is usually an option not to take the obstacle if it is too difficult.
THOR has made a lot of marking improvements on the trail for 2008 - VERY NICE!