Sunday, March 16, 2008

I took the Sunday afternoon club (minus a few members) out for a loess hills gravel spin on the new route I checked out wednesday. Few more dogs and a bit more traffic than earlier in the week. I'd hoped to hit the last 6 miles on the Wabash but it's still way too wet. Probably a good thing that the rain has stayed away so far. Tomorrow might be a different story.

If you haven't checked out the Omaha Roller Girls you need to. Deal and Jules invited us out to a bout and it was smash mouth fun. Bud heavy, hot dogs, popcorn and more neck tatoos than you can shake a stick at. Fun for the whole family.

Hope you roadies had fun heading north!


mw said...

i saw shim and some others on my way SE down the papio. did you see me? i was the dork on the hybrid.

Shim said...

We saw you. It was like;
"hey that was Wills, I thought he lived in Lincoln,
isn't this Lincoln,
"Wonder where he was going?"

Shim said...

As for Mod, man, those are some seriously skanky chicks on roller skates. Uh, most of them anyway, except for any that happen to read this.

MOD said...

Careful, Jules knows a couple of them.