Sunday, March 09, 2008


We had a good little group out on the Wabash today. T-bone & Charlie, Ashley, Nick, Andy, Anne and myself. Some sections of the trail are super icey. Charlie hit the deck first, then Ashley. I think we all had at least one close call. Some sections of singletrack were rideable though. The trail started to thaw pretty good after Mineola which left us riding on sponges. Anne, Nick and I had it a little easier as we were pushing 29ers instead of the CX rubber everyone else was on. We all got good power trainer, my 36x16 was killing me. It got really bad on the return trip so we ducked out and opted for gravel roads to get us home. Andy got the bad luck award. First he flatted then a stick got wrapped in his derailuer and kicked it into the wheel. They were able to make it an SS and got back to the car safe and sound.

Thor just won the Paris-Nice prologue. All hail the god of THUNDER!

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scott showen said...

thats nice to see jesus out on a ride with you guys...