Thursday, March 27, 2008

metro singletrack tour postponed

The mst originally scheduled for this Saturday is postponed. Though the singletrack may be mostly rideable here Saturday, I and others will be riding the Spoke Pony 3/6 hr at Landahl.Schedules are filling in but I hope to do a mst mid to late april.


RF said...

Rox *might* be lookin for peeps to carpool with down there. I *might* go, but probably wont bring a bike to race. Gotta see how I feel after they pull these plastic splints out of my nose.

dale said...

We're leaving friday night to visit family. aaron is considering but you need to call him since he doesn't check blog or email much.

So how did the surgery go? much pain? if this increases your O2 intake, maybe others will try it instead of taking juice like shim.

Shim said...

Define "Juice",