Saturday, April 25, 2009

MST Report

80 miles total, up to Tranquility, over to L&C, down to Manawa, over to Swanson, then back home. Alll trails were very rideable... Swanson was starting to just barely get greasy in a few corners. the ride up Keystone back home was very wet and windy. said it was 46 degrees when I left my house at 7:05am, and when I checked again at 3:30pm it still said 46 degrees. Yikes. Munson & I rode from midtown and met Dale & Mike2 at Tranquility for a lap. Soon after Dale wanted to do his own fixie pace and graciously sent myself and Mike & Mike up the road to do our own pace. It was probably a good call as we had to keep pedalling pretty hard to stay warm. No way I would've kept riding in those conditions without the camaraderie-- thanks guys. It was a good ride.

Edit: Munson has a good writeup here.


Haro said...

MST......Metro Sexual Transvestite?

RF said...
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RF said...

Shim would be happy to know that even after eating lunch at a Casey's general store then climbing up the So Omaha bridge, I resisted the urge vomit.

dale said...

Glad you enjoyed the ride and got through Swanson before it got too wet, RF. Congrats on getting home on your own power. I enjoyed my one gear, smell the roses, pace and would have blown up before getting to L&C if I tried to go faster. And you still would have got cold from my faster pace. 8-)

Haro, it takes a real man to ride with pink bar tape. 8-)