Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TNR for April 23

Thursday Night Ride for April 23 is forecasted to have gorgeous conditions.   Last week was Swanson, next week will be Swanson again for race prep.... some people are hitting Manawa tonight, so..... let's go to Tranquility for a couple laps.  It's nice to come back to Nebraska in the full bloom of spring.  

Meet 6pm at Ft. St parking lot and rollout 6:10pm.  


pd said... i only had a tiny little window to ride...15-20 minutes, but the trail was great (a bit dusty, i'd say)... i like all the new guys are oing awesome work. good to see you!

dale said...

Thanks, Dave. We have some passionate trailworkers. Good to see you too! Great you chose to ride even with such limited time.

natasha said...

Watch Natsha Naked!