Saturday, May 09, 2009

Battle Royale

While rain and mud has been rocking just about every moutain bike race across the country we've been spot on here in good 'ole NE. Another picture perfect day of racing. Thanks to Chris and the Cycle Works gang for a great event. Congrats to all the champs.

More pics here. Mainly Cat 1 but i got shots of all the results sheets. If you got pics posted on a Picasa Album or flickr account, post a link in the comments. More complete results will be posted later at Psycowpath.

Cam, back to his winning ways with Kent in tow

GB's NW and JC

Cornbread taking the Marathon title

Debi, women's Cat 1 champ


scott showen said...

thanks for taking pics and cheering us on today anne.

Cornbread said...

Big thanks to all that raced for coming to the Battle Royale.

Great pics!

MOD said...

Oops, images of the results sheets are posted now. Sorry.