Friday, May 08, 2009

Local Radio Talk Show Host Offers to Give Bicyclists a Voice

Requests Help from Cycling Community

KFAB radio talk show host Tom Becka has offered the Omaha area bicycle community an opportunity to appear on a full hour segment of his daily 4:00-7:00 show. Becka asks that for the air time, the bicycle community assist him in his drive to gather used or new winter coats in good condition. The spring Winter Coat Drive will provide needed clothing for Native Americans at South Dakota reservations, some of the most impoverished people in America. Coats will also be donated locally to the Open Door Mission.

Becka’s challenge—the cycling community must gather and deliver 100 used winter coats to him by next Friday, May 15.

Members of the cycling community will be able to express their thoughts on issues relevant to their concerns: commuting and the need for dedicated bike lanes on streets, trail expansion and related property acquisition and other cycling issues including safety and advocacy.

Becka, a long-time critic of some bicyclists practices, promises to be even-handed and give us a fair hearing.

The Omaha Pedalers Bicycle Club is leading the effort with assistance from Activate Omaha and area bicycle shops. To donate coats, drop them off at an area bicycle shop and the Omaha Pedalers will deliver them to KFAB studios before Becka’s show next Friday.

Drop off locations:
Bike Rack-14510 Eagle Run Drive (near 144th and Maple)
Bike Masters-5265 N. 129th St.
Olympia Bicycle-4910 S. 135th St; 1324 N. 40th St.
Bike Way-15115 Industrial Rd.
Trek Bicycle Store- 7214 Jones St.
Highgear Bike-8610 Brentwood Drive (La Vista)
Endless Trail Bike Shop (Council Bluffs) 15 S. 23rd
Xtreme Wheels (Council Bluffs) 1851 Madison

For information:
Pete Lieben (402) 333-7206


Rad-Renner said...

Cool. I like Tom Becka and I have a bunch of coats I need to give away. I've met him once and called into his show a few times and I think he's a pretty fair guy. This should be a good opportunity for us to be heard by a lot of Omaha drivers and help them to realize that we're doin' what they're doin' (namely, going somewhere), we're just riding bikes. So everybody be cool and remember that even if people are disagreeing, at least they're listening - and that's a good thing.

buconine said...

Is it just adult coats or do they need kids coats too? I have a bunch the kids have outgrown that i can donate...

MOD said...

Yes! Kids coats too!!!