Thursday, June 04, 2009

UPDATE: Manawa Trail Days

From Dickey...

Monday June 8th.-finishing mowing if not already done, keep trimming what is needed. (weater permitting) 600p.m. tell 800p.m. CANCELLED-- TOO WET.

Tuesday June 9th-finish trimming the trails, clean and install new stickers where needed, cut dead fall out, pick up trash, 600p.m. tell 800p.m.

drinks provided all three days, Tuesday I will bring my grill, some dogs, and chips, for all those who help out. Have something you like, bring enough for everyone! Remember no glass in the park.

Tools that are needed-
gas trimmers
safety glasses
(and bring your bike to ride after the work is done)
Hope to see ya one of the three days.

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