Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Maskenthine - This Sunday

Hey race fans - Just a reminder that this weekend's race is Sunday. Here's the info from the race promoter:

The Maskenthine XC Classic, part of the Nebraska Lottery Psycowpath MTB Series, is scheduled for Sunday June 14 at Maskenthine Lake, just north of Stanton, Nebraska. The race was originally set for April but was postponed due to weather. 

Due to the fact the event now is being held on a Sunday, start times have been adjusted. Category 3 (Beginner) classes will start at Noon while Cat 1 (Expert) and Cat (Sport) will start at 2PM. Registration will open at 10:15AM and close 15 minutes before each event. 

For more information regarding the series see http://www.psycowpath.com 

For the latest race information see  http://www.nencycling.org
Also, this would be a great time to head up and camp! Later start means sleeping in or firing up the grill for some cowboy flap jacks. Come on out!


DoubleD said...

Hey, I'd like to race in this, although I'm in need of a Camelback.... because I possibly left mine at Tranquility in the parking lot. Any one find it by chance? Small, tan, awesome. Anyone? Bueller?

RF said...

I think our household has at least 3 spare ones. If you need to borrow a camelback just let us know.

Shim said...

A Camelback? Really, you know they have these new things called bottles. Loosing it was probably the best thing that ever happened to you, you are now liberated.

CluelessApe said...

I assume this race is still a go? Not sure how long that place takes to dry but should be good by Sunday? Anyone plan on heading out on Saturday to preride?

BTW Ryan, I have an old pair of bike shorts you can borrow.