Friday, June 19, 2009

Ponca Update, Friday 2pm: GO!

New Old Start/Finish -

For those of you who've been around a while, the West Shelter will be the start of this year's Ponca's Revenge race. For those who are asking where in the hell is the west shelter, instead of driving past the Visitor's Center near the entrance, take the road that goes down into the park. At the bottom look for signs that will direct you to turn left. It'll be obvious once you're down there.

Now, why are we starting there instead of at the top? The park is clearing trees for new cabins in the area where we've started the races before. As well this will also cut the course a tad shorter. Yes, there will still be the grassy hill climb.
As of 2pm Friday, Ponca SP Ranger and race host Jay Chesterman both report that, although it is raining in Omaha, the trails at Ponca are drying and should be good to go for Saturday's race. A group from Sioux City Velo rode the course Thursday night and experienced only a few greasy spots, despite a rainy week: "the course drains really well," remarked Chesterman. Forecasts & radar for the rest of the day Friday appear favorable for a good race on Saturday. As always, for the latest, stay tuned to Call Ryan Feagan at 402-415-9071 or or Roxzanne Abbott at 402-210-9529 with questions. Please not that cell reception at the park is spotty, so try both numbers or call back frequently as necessary.


Flanders said...

How long is the drive to Ponca ?

KEV said...

That depends on where your driving from.