Thursday, June 18, 2009

US Cup wknd

The big dogs came to town last wknd. These guys live the life as most of them were in town all week to get acclimated and dial the techy course in. Rode a couple laps with Manny Prado mid week and rode with the Giant crew the next day. They seem flawless with every line. Max Plaxton made an incredible pass at the end of the race to take the W. Things didn't go so well for our household. My roommate broke his chain and they started 100 of us at once in the cat 1 race and gave us 40 feet of road til we hit the trail. Rediculus to say the least. Lot of carnage and fighting going on, literally. Kid from Kansas did pretty well, 44th maybe.

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MOD said...

I always loved 100+ rider bottle necks. We use to have to sit at the start line for over an hour to get a good start position. Crazy!