Monday, July 27, 2009

The Green Tunnel

Made the ride down to Swanson last Thursday for the TNR via the Field Club trail. Great night riding, for me anyway. One broken chain and one flat tire by Kev and RF. So maybe not so great for them. Ready to do it again this week.


Scott Redd said...

I have mixed feelings about the Field Club Trail. As "Green Tunnel" implies, its lush canopy creates a scenic path, and the shade is nice on a sunny day. It's also a great N/S bypass if you want to move between Leavenworth/downtown and points south. When it's connected up to the Keystone (by next summer?), it'll be a great route from downtown/midtown to points west, and basically anywhere the Keystone/Papio trails go.

On the flip side, it can get creepy, especially in the wee/late hours. If I were a malefactor looking to jump a runner or a cyclist, I'd have no problem staking out a blind turn and popping out for a nasty surprise.

Also, with this being a trail connecting dense neighborhoods, dog walkers and stroller pushers can impede speedy bicycle transit.

That being said, I still like this trail, and feel it's a vital link in the development of a bike route system in Omaha.

Swanson sounds like a lot of fun. I've hiked it many times, and have placed geocaches and letterboxes there. I wonder if my cross bike would be appropriate for some of the trails there. I don't have a MTB.

MOD said...

You can manage pretty good on a cross bike at Swanson. Just have to watch out for the occasional nasty root. Give it a go.

Rusty Car said...

South Suburban Parks in metro Denver actually enforces a speed limits on bikes. 15 mph. And yes they use radar and tax payer dollars to do it. I'd not complain about a few homeless wierdos and a couple of strollers. It could be worse... with gestapo tactics of park rangers apprehending dangerous criminals in lycra.

MOD said...

Speed limits in Boulder too.