Saturday, August 15, 2009

2010 Teaser

Just back from TREK World with a ton of pics from new models to new colors to new gear.

The 9.9 SSL is pretty sweet. Click the photo for full size image of the new XX Sram kit and carbon RXXXL wheels.

Check out all my blogs I contribute to for pics and words over the next week or so. Here I'll be putting up various MTB bits, the Realm will have everything from the 622 (aka 29er, road, CX) side of bikes and Pedal Omaha will have everything urban.


MOD said...

I think Lance just crushed Leadville on this bike

RF said...

I believe he did. I look forward to a thorough perspective from the Velonews tech crew on the condition of Lance's carbon rim after he finished on a flat. I think in the near future carbon rims may prove more resilient than lightweight aluminum. I'd love to be proven right.

I wonder what tires he chose?

RF said...

BTW, Wiens was running full UST tires this year after his flat last year. Definitely a weight penalty there. I wonder if Lance will run heavier tires in 2010?

RD said...

that's a lot of x's