Friday, August 14, 2009

Atttention hipsters... For sale

We're buying a house, time to clear stuff out. This is the Chrome Citizen messenger bag, yes with the seatbelt buckle. 1400cubic inches. Less than a dozen uses, all posing, no real messenging. Looks brand new. Retails for $140, yours for $75. Please get it out of my house before I decide to build a fixie like Kanye.

<I typed this with my thumbs!>


RF said...

BTW, pic makes it look red, but its actually orange.

pd said... looks a little fuzzy, it fuzzy?

RF said...

No just bad cell phone camera.

Scott Redd said...

Real messengers may not use these, but they do work well for commuting.

At first I was put off by lack of compartments, but I can get all of my work clothes, lunch and U-lock in my Chrome bag and have grown quite fond of it.

It's solid, comfortable and doesn't shift much.

I can't get a lot of groceries into it, however.

$75 is a good deal for anyone looking to get a nice bag.