Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BoneBender 3/6 MTB race this Sunday 10am Smithville, MO

Check out the video. The trails look fun and fast but passing may be a challenge.
Mass ’Le Mans’ start at 10:00 am

The website says they expect a sellout so you might want to register online if you plan on racing.


Roxy said...


When you going down? We're leaving late Sat. night after a wedding.

T-bone said...

Ragdoll Rick and I are heading down Saturday morning. They're having a trailday/pre-ride at noon we're going to try and make. We'll be chilling at the campground Saturday night so stop by if you want.

RF said...

So I can't register online this morning. Says closed. But race day registration starts at 7am. So WTF? Is it sold out? Why would a promoter close online reg so early?

T-bone said...

Looks like you might be handing out waterbottles:) The website says it limited to 200 riders and he had posted it was at 102 yesterday. I sent Chris a message on FB so I'll let you know what he says.

T-bone said...

RF, Chris just sent me the following message:

Re: BoneBender
Hi Troy,

Race day registration would be fine. Tell everyone to come on down. Looking forward to seeing you guys.

We got 124 registered online.

I wish I could race and defend my title :-), but it it is just to much work to promote a race and participate also. A small event maybe, but not this years BB36.

See you Sunday.