Monday, April 12, 2010

party or work at manawa tues apr 13

Party, or work, down at Manawa this Tues. 4p.M till dark.

I have homemade goodies from the scouts at church to eat while you work.

Bring your shovels, and bikes and your own drinks if you prefer something other than gatorade. Just come and have fun, the river is waiting for you!

Steve D.


T-bone said...

Please come out tomorrow and help. The high water left a lot of debris on the trails and the more people we have helping the sooner we can ride it. If you have any kind of rake bring it. Also, bring bug spray. Remember, it's legal to drink beer in the parking lot at Manawa:)

Rusty Car said...

a little safety advice @

RF said...

Let us know if its rideable after tonight, because Manawa is a prime spot for a TNR this week.