Wednesday, May 05, 2010

manawa traildays tu/wed may 11 and 12

May 11, 2010
Mowing the trails. 430p.m. till dark. Need at least one more person to help with the mower in case we get stuck and help put the machine away. This job takes most of the night. You don't have to work you can just ride around the trails and be on call if needed, or bring your fishing pole and fish in the river.
6 p.m. till 8p.m. come down and help trim the trails and move storm damage out of the way this will be a smaller group, meet in the parking lot.

May 12, 2010
Meet by the red truck in the parking lot at 6p.m. Trim what we couldn't get with the mower. Move flood damage objects out of the way in wood chooper and other needed areas. Bench the section before the camel humps. Done by 8 p.m. and ride.

Tools to bring. We have two trimmers (just need someone to run them). We will have two sets of lopper (just need someone to use them). Shovels bring yours. Rakes we have you covered. Also need someone to wear the backpack blower to blow wood chooper. Bring your bug spray. Like always THOR will provide gatorade.

Please plan to attend at least one of these days. THOR needs your help at Manawa.

TNR. May 13, 2010, enjoy YOUR hard work and ride the groomed trails.

Steve D.


twocoach said...

I rode Manawa last night. There are two trees down across the trail on the east side of the park. After we completed the last section of Black trail with all of the obstacles and headed back out on the green trail, there was deep standing water just before the trail loops back towards the east (someone has placed a large black pipe there to cross the water). About a 1/4 mile after we made that crossing is where the two trees had fallen directly across the trail. Both are about 6-8 inches thick and sitting at about mid-thigh level. Just an FYI.

Roxy said...

Two coach, thanks for your feedback. Hopefully you can come out and help get rid of these logs.

Also, if you go to THOR's website,, there is an EASY BUTTON. Hit that and your message will go directly to the THOR cloud and from there it will be diverted to the Trail Leader who is in charge of the trail with the problem area.

Thanks again!

twocoach said...

I am going to try to make it. The west side of the trail has a lot of debris on the trail, including a deer skeleton. Yikes! Some big animal had themselves a nice snack. Nothing like hearing the crunch of spine under your tires.