Friday, May 07, 2010


CANCELLED: Platte River Battle Royal

Mountain Bike
FRIDAY, 07 MAY 2010

Race director Kris Sonderup, along with THOR representatives had to make a difficult call Friday evening. While many of Platte River's trails are in good shape, the doubletrack ATV path the runs down the center of the park is very muddy. Volunteers have been looking for a reroute option all afternoon, but have determined that the doubletrack is far too muddy to race-- even a 4x4 ATV could not get up some sections.

Although we would typically move the race to Sunday, this Sunday May 9 is Mother's Day and we think you should ride on over to your mom's place instead.

Race entry fees will be transferred to the next Psycowpath event. Emails with more info will go to all the preregistered. Questions? Email .


JDOUG said...

Come on down to St. Joseph! We have a race tomorrow.. 12:00 start time..

Roxy said...

That's our plan. Two coming for sure!

JDOUG said...

Hope you guys enjoyed our trails, it was a pleasure having you down..

Roxy said...

duuuuude. they were awesome! we had a total blast! I'll recommend them to our folks up here. Great road trip destination. Thanks for a great event.

JeanBrian8544 said...