Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Call to Action: Stolen Bike at Tranquility XC race - Lynskey Pro29

Omaha friends, lets search pawnshops, craigslist, ebay, and keep a look out.  I'm floored this occured at our local race.  This is a very unique bike, it will show up, we just gotta be on the lookout.  Note from the viction follows.  -rf
Still can't believe that happened.  The more I've thought about it the less likely it seems that someone random grabbed it,  almost had to be someone who raced/dnf'd/etc.  I can't imagine there were many bystanders hanging out in 110+ heat indexes.

I've included the details on the bike.  It was something I put together over a couple years, lots of time and money.  I've also attached a few pictures.  I greatly appreciate anything you can do to get the word out on the net, or with the locals.  I've been to quite a few great races over there, just can't believe someone would stoop this low.  If it was in fact a racer hopefully someone knows/rides with them and can lend a hand.  I'd be willing to take it back no questions asked if someone has it in good/as was condition.  All I really want is my bike back.  Never think you need to lock everything down all the time, but things like this make you wonder.  Thanks for all you guys do with the races, I'm sure this is the last thing you'd want going on there.  Let me know if you need anymore info.

Also, I got ahold of the guy in the jeep and he was helpful, but didn't see anyone grab anything.  He said he rides around there a decent amount so will keep his eyes open.  Hopefully, if enough locals are aware someone will see/hear/find something.

frame: 2010 Lynskey Pro29 XL - Matte Ti
fork: Fox F29 100mm - white
stem: Thomson X4 100mm
headset: Chris King - Navy
handlebar: syntace duraflite
brakes: Shimano XT
rotors (f/r): Formula R1 160/160mm
hubs: Chris King ISO Disc QR front, QR rear - Navy
rims: Stans 355 29er
skewers (f/r): Salsa - Blue
tires (f/r): Schwalbe Racing Ralph Snakeskin - 2.25/Maxxis Crossmark 2.1
bottle cage: Specialized plastic - Black
seatpost: Lysnkey Ti
saddle: WTB Rocket V SLT
cranks: Shimano XT 175mm
pedals: Shimano XTR 959
bottom bracket: Chris King - Navy
cassette: XT
R der: XT Shadow
F Der: XT

Thanks again,

Ryan VanHouweling



VeloCC said...

Sorry to hear that. I will keep my eyes out and share it on FB. Also check on eBay!!

Anonymous said...


Noah Marcus said...

I also re-posted this on my FB

Mark said...

Ryan F. As I downloaded pics from Sunday's race at Tranq to Psycowpath's FB page, it made me wonder if enough people took photos through the day, perhaps the crime/criminal may show up on someone's pictures. May be worth a shout out to encourage people to download their Tranq photos to one webpage. Also, gave a pic of the bike to a student I mentor at NW High in case he hear's any buzz about it next week.

twocoach said...

I checked the nearby Craigslist bike ads and did not see it. The Sol's PAwn Shop downtown is a few blocks from my parking garage. I will print off the description and drop it off there.

dmars said...

whoever took this bike should be ashamed of them selves