Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's for sale.
Trek Top of the line Top Fuel 9.9 SLL Full Carbon 2008 Large s
MSRP was $6999, asking $2300

XTR and XXX Light on everything.

FRAME: Trek Fuel 9.9 SL

FORK: Rock Shock Team

Email me with question: gshimonek@aol.com


Rusty Car said...

will you take 1850?

Shim said...

Call me we can discuss. I cant believe you of all people wouldnt appreciate the value this bike brings with full XTR.

Rusty Car said...

Sorry buddy, went to Sears and picked up a new washer/dryer today, so new bike in my future. Yep XTR alone would nearly be worth that price.

scott showen said...

It'd be an awesome deal if it were 29".

Shim said...

and I'd have one if I was a poser.