Monday, April 04, 2011


I had to put this here b/c I couldn't do it in less that 420 words on Face Book...

Great weekend on dirt or what? Just a shout out to the volunteers who made it possible: Sarah Marie Batchelder Viamonte, Leah Kleager, April Eyberg, Alexander G. Sanchez, Jim Maaske, Mike, Ferrell, Todd Eyberg, Larry Kintner, Rafal Doloto for day of hands-on labor, Mike Miles & Jeremy Cook for number crunching and spread sheet madness, Ryan's parents and brother for restocking water and toilet paper, Steve Dickey and Dave Packard for sweeping the course, MWCC team members for marking the course (sort of), THOR's Trail Leaders Steve Jarret, Martin Bixby and Frank Olson for making sure the courses were safe and rideable, Swine Dining for making sure everyone was well fed on Saturday as well as Edge PT for feeding us so well on Sunday. And lastly, but not least, to the mayor and her staff with the city of Bellevue who were there with us the whole step of the way to try and make the crit happen in Old Town (notice I didn't give props to Mother Nature) and who amazingly sent over EMTs for both events AND made sure to send me an email first thing this morning asking how they can help us make it better in 2012. Now what more could a promoter ask for?

Thank you all so much for an amazing, crazy fun weekend.

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Shim said...

Pound sand, you can do it yourself next year!