Wednesday, November 05, 2008

TNR toss up

Not quite sure what the weather is going to do tomorrow. Trails will be wet so plan on meeting at Rick's Boathouse, meet at 6, roll out at 6:15 over the bridge and we'll do the CB paved loop. Lights on all the time.


Haro said...

Mtn bike/crossbike/unicycle?

What's the weapon of choice for this loop?

MOD said...

MTB or CX preferably.

Did anyone make it? I was stuck in LaVista.

Rad-Renner said...

Since I'm not going to the Veteran's Cross this weekend, I'd like to invite other crossers to join me Sat. & Sun. at Tranquility for some CX fun. I've mapped out a little course which is fast-n-fun. Mostly grass, some dirt, a wee bit of gravel, and a just a few stairs. Lots of other options exist for a CX course at Tranq. No set time as yet, so somebody lob me an e-mail and let's get something set up.

mathguy said...

Dave-I'm game for cx at Traquility. I have soccer markers for it. Shoot me an email at drcrist at cox dot net.


Rad-Renner said...

For any Omaha CX'ers not going to Veteran's Cross, we'll have more cyclocross action at Tranquility today (Sunday 11/9) at 2 pm. Call Dave at 312-5071 or just show up. Park at/near the Koch Tennis Center so you can see us riding by. Let's make this a regular thing.