Sunday, December 31, 2006

80 points for polo today.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Last Polo Game of 2006! let's make it a fond farewell to 2006. Double the halftime refreshments and double the action. C'mon down to Swanson Park - 36th & Cornhusker at 1pm on New Year's Eve. As always - bring a black and white shirt so we can keep the teams mixed... mallets are provided.

Let's make this Sunday a kick ass game. Anyone from Lincoln interested?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

TNR at L&C

Last week we got rained out at L&C so let's try for it again this week. Pcakes and I went out yesterday, still a little greasy in the low spots but another day and it should be all good. Weather man is calling for evening showers, we'll see...

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sunday morning Rig Ride

Get out and ride. Trails are good from 7-10am. Posted by Picasa


Merry Christmas from the Bixbys!

Thank you for a great year of riding with all of you.

Wishing you always enough bikes to ride, enough air in your tires and healthy limbs to keep it rolling.

....and a
bark-bark-bark from our Xmas-Wii:)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Let's Have Some Fun

It'll be January first in a couple weeks, time for new years resolutions and all that crap. If you belong to a gym it'll be so crowded you'll have to wait to get on a machine. Me, can't stand working out indoors, unless it's a pool. So here's where the fun comes in!


Time for the January Winter Ride Off, presented by the Midwest Cycling Community. What's this you ask? Welp, I stole the idea from Paddy, our north of the border brutha, who stole it from someone else. Paddy's rules rule. Read below.

Scoring rubric is as follows:

1. Each ride--on or off road--is worth 70 points, minus the lowest recorded windchill during the ride.Example 1: the windchill is 15 degrees. To get your score, you subtract 15 from 70: the base score for that ride is 55. Example 2: the windchill is minus 10 degrees. 70 minus -10 = 80 points.The colder it is the more points you score.Example 3: there is no windchill; then take the lowest temperature: 70 minus 62 = 8 points. If it gets warmer than 70, then enjoy, but no points will be awarded (or subtracted) for the ride.

2. To get your total points, you multiple the base score by the number of hours ridden.Example: Base score is 55; time ridden 2.5 hours. total score = 137.5 points. Let's keep it simple: if you ride for 2 hours and 20 minutes, you round to 2.25 hours, 2:10 goes to 2.25 hours; 2:25 goes to 2.5 hours. In other words, round to the nearest quarter hour.

3. If you convince two or more other idiots to ride with you, add 10 social points to your total points.Example: 50 base score x 3 hours =150 points + 10 social points =160 total points for the ride.

4. If you ride a single speed/fixed gear bike, add ten suffer points. (Or, if you are a nutcase like Paul and insist on suffering mightily, but don't have a SS--yet, get in one gear like 32 x 16 and stay there for the whole ride. No shifting, no, no, no!)Example: 50 base score x 3 hours =150 points + 10 social points + 10 suffer points = 170 total points for the ride.

5. No more than four rides per week may count. Submit your best four. (mod note: sorry communters, one way = one ride)

6. Running or crosscountry skiing (even that roller skiing that Jim does) outdoors also counts. Same formula as above.

7. Indoor spinning, weightlifting, roller riding, swimming, etc. do not count. Be a pussy, if you must, but don't expect to be rewarded for it.

So here's how we're doing it Nebraska stylee. All may enter, just e-mail me at mark(at)trekomaha(dot)com and say you want to enter. Write "January Winter Ride Off" in the subject line. Starting January 1st, E-mail your weekly points total to me each Sunday night. Weekly and cummulative results will be posted on the Trek Omaha website and Highgear website.

Awards? Hell yeah there's awards!

1st Place - Pearl Izumi Amfib gloves ($65 value)
2nd Place - Pearl Izumi Amfib booties ($45 value)
3rd Place - Nike Winter riding cap ($25 value)

Awards ceremony will be the first Friday of February. Must be present to win. Details to follow.

I had 279 points last week. Get out and ride!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Platte Ro on Sunday with Jason & Tim.

This little dog chased us for nearly two full laps, then went on a trail run. Crazy!


No new posts since Friday! Somebody had to do something this weekend. Dale and crew stopped in the shop for a quick warm up on Saturday. Sounds like they got a good ride down to Swanson for a few laps. Aaron had shorts on, WHAT!

Well, no riding for me last weekend. Too many hours last week gave me a sore throat. Time to get back on it though.

I've said it before, better get out and ride today. Snow, rain, ice or whatever is coming to a town near you tonight. Which leaves me wondering if the TNR is in jeopardy this week. The fear machine is in full effect trying to get us pumped for the ice storm. Me, I'm not budging. I say if the storm misses us we ride at L&C, if there's snow on the ground we hit Manawa. Or if you've got some skinny ski's and it snows a crap ton...we'll see!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Larry grubbin

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Burp it Dale!

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More TNR

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Man, what a great night for a ride. Post ride food was great too.

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Sweet Ride

Great ride at Tranquility last night. Had to be over 20 folks. Too many to count. The trail is really fast. Aaron and Tim took off right from the start (surprise) with a small group chasing. Rode with Roxz group for lap one, awesome pace. spent lap two with RF, RIP, Kevin and RA till Kev took off on the climb. Lap 3, basically tried to latch on to Kevins wheel as we tore it up through the trees. Talked RA into a fouth for a chill cool down lap. And speaking of a chill cool down, that north wind frickin' cranked up at the end there, now it's 20 degrees colder. T-bone rocked the fixie, how are those prarie descents bro? Where's the pics?

Weekend should be schweeet. Good temps again.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Double U is for warm

TNR at Tranquility

Meet at 6:00 PM

Ride at 6:15 PM

Fort St. parking lot

Food to follow and Josh and Khamail's

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Monday, December 11, 2006

The new bridge work has begun

The new work road is built from the park, over the levee trail, and to the river bank. They will use this to haul the bridge iron to the river.

Riverside north..........

Another Fine Day of Polo

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TNR Preview Tranquility Chili from J&K

Prepare yourself-- it will be a bit warmer than the past two Thursdays, and this week will feature somethin' special. Josh & Khamail have moved into a new place of 97th & Fort, not far at all from Tranquility. So this week's ride will be at Tranquility (exact meeting point TBD), and afterwards J&K will host all the riders for a chili feed! Bring you fav beverage, it'll cool down in the car during the ride, then (take off your shoes!) and check out their new place with some smokin good chili!

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Hey, lovers of the beer...Omaha finally has a honest-to-goodness BEER STORE! Beertopia, located at 3570 Farnam (next to Crescent Moon). I saw an ad in the WH this morning and had to check it out. In their words "Drink globally, buy locally...325 stocked beer...over 60 new beers that are not available anywhere else in beers arriving daily..." Yeah, they have a wide selection! I picked up a sixer of Rogue Santa's Private Reserve Ale and a sixer of Boulevard Nutcracker. For you hops fans, they have Breckenridge Small Batch 471 IPA, which is supposed to be ohpurdygood! I'll definately be frequenting this store...

Friday, December 08, 2006

You've got 9 hours and 15 minutes...

...of daylight each day to enjoy the weekend. Yep, not much to talk about other than the weather. Did anyone ride last night? AJB came by the store, said his fingers almost fell off the other morning riding in to work. But the warm up is beginning. Highs in the 50's!!! I'm 90% on polo this week. Although I have to be honest, I'm kind of waiting for the snow to play. Polo is just that much sweeter in the white stuff. But, the Snow Rig is ready to roll in mega traction mode so I might as well give it a go on a barren field. T-bone picked up his fixie wheel for the Kona so you almost have to show up just to see how many times he forgets that he can't stop pedaling.

So what's the ride schedule? Anyone going out tomorrow? Me, I gotta hook up parents with sweet bikes for their kids, but Sunday...Jim was talking about a CX bike ride finishing up at the polo field. Or, maybe meet early at Swanson for a couple laps before the match? What are you feeling?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

TNR: Manawa

Haven't heard from RF and I won't be able to make it due to work obligations, so let's make it Manawa. Temp at ride time will only be 18 with a windchill of 11. Why is it always the coldest on Thursday night? Anyway, you guys can ride hard in the trees and stay warm.

Meet at 6, ride at 6:15, don't have too much fun without me!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

DIY Snow Bike

Got a 29'r?

Got a 26" disc wheelset?

Got the hook-up to build a snow bike?

You do NOW!

I had a stupid idea at the shop yesterday, it has been realized.

Now where's all that snow?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

So it is cold out and I have no posts about riding. I thought I might let the skinny on omaha cool down for a bit a post on mtb Omaha.

This is going to be a little bit more of a forum post. With all the bikes that have eccentric bottom brackets, I thought it would be helpful if everyone shared some tips to help with some problems that they cause, namely slipping and creaking.

  • I know One Eye has some special super grease that he gets from work.
  • I have seen the BB shell ruffed up with sandpaper for a better surface.
  • SamSam likes the Dumond Tech
  • Some people say, the creaking just goes away after a while.

Any other tricks?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

No Ride

Oh man, it's cold and windy, and I just don't feel like ridin'. But...seems like perfect polo weather. So who's playin' tommorrow?

Went to Lincoln last night for ROLLER DERBY!!! Hell Yeah! I'll have to find out where the Omaha team skates at and hit one up.